Ammonia Dissociators

The C.I. Hayes ADG Series Ammonia Dissociators are designed to be an economical source of pure, dry, highly reducing atmosphere. The product gas of hydrogen-nitrogen is produced by dissociation of anhydrous ammonia vapor.


Dissociated ammonia provides an excellent reducing atmosphere for a variety of applications that include brazing and/or bright annealing of stainless steel, copper, brass, beryllium copper, nickel, nickel alloys and silicon iron. Other applications include bright hardening of tool and martensitic stainless steels and powder metal sintering.


 The ADG Series Ammonia Dissociators range from 150 scfh to 5,000 scfh at a standard outlet line pressure of 10 psig. The resulting dissociated product gas is comprised of 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen. When utilizing a high quality "metallurgical grade" of ammonia vapor as the supply gas, a dissociated product of 99.97% purity will be maintained. The moisture content of the product will be less than 40 ppm, or a minimum dewpoint of -50°F. Lower dewpoints and lower residual ammonia content may be obtained with the addition of the C.I. Hayes MSA Series Molecular Sieve Dryer.

ADG Ammonia Dissociator

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