Atmosphere Dryers

The C.I. Hayes MSA Series desiccant "Molecu-Dryers" are designed to produce consistently low dewpoints in a wide variety of gases. The units are safe for use in drying flammable gases such as hydrogen, dissociated ammonia and forming gas.


The compact dryer contains two adsorption chambers mounted on a base and encased in a ventilated metal housing. With two chambers, the dryer is capable of continuous operation. While one chamber is adsorbing, the other is regenerated, cooled and made ready for the next adsorption cycle. Molecular sieve pellets are used as the desiccant.


The C.I. Hayes "Molecu-Dryer" will produce dewpoints of -100°F, or lower, in most gas drying applications when properly sized. For exothermic gas, the dryer is operated in conjunction with a refrigeration unit. The latter reduces the dewpoint of the exothermic gas to about +40°F before the gas enters the dryer.

Atmosphere Desiccant Gas Dryer

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