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For those customers whose processes require vacuum applications, C.I. Hayes, offers two types of Vacuum Brazing Furnaces - Continuous Vacuum Furnaces and Vacuum Batch Furnaces.

Continuous Vacuum Furnaces - For brazing applications requiring high production volumes and ease of maintenance.


Vacuum Batch Furnaces - For brazing applications requiring precise product profiles and ease of material handling.

Brazing Furnaces | Atmosphere Brazing Furnaces

Our sister company, Sinterite designs and manufactures custom-engineered Brazing Furnaces. To accommodate various customer process requirements, Sinterite offers two types of Atmosphere Brazing Furnaces - Conveyor Belt Furnaces, also commonly referred to as Continuous Belt Furnaces, and Humpback Conveyor Belt Furnaces.

Conveyor Belt Furnaces - For brazing applications requiring Carbon Steel and 304 Stainless Steel.

Humpback Conveyor Furnaces - For brazing applications requiring low dew point and high grade stainless steel.

Humpback Conveyor Belt Furnace by C.I. Hayes
Brazing Furnace, Vacuum Batch Furnace | C.I. Hayes Furnace
Brazing Furnace, Conveyor Belt Furnace, Continuous Belt Furnace | Sinterite Furnace
Brazing Furnace, Continuous Vacuum Furnace | C.I. Hayes Furnace

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