Continuous Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces

The C.I. Hayes Series VBQ Vacuum/Air Heat Treating Furnace is a modular design system that permits the user to thermally process parts in a variety of controlled atmospheres, including vacuum and air. Continuous operation is provided with a heating/loading chamber and an in-line integral oil quench module or optional gas pressure quench module.


The C.I. Hayes Series VBQ is designed for carburizing applications that require tighter case depth, microhardness profile control and reproducibility than is possible with conventional atmosphere carburizing furnaces. The furnace also has applications with difficult to carburize geometries, such as blind holes, roots of fine pitched gears or where the presence of intergranular oxidation is detrimental as in highly loaded gears and bearings.


Routine maintenance is simplified and reduced during air processing as the furnace performs a self-cleaning operation.


Continuous Vacuum Carburizing Furnace Continuous Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

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