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Home - C.I. Hayes, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, designs, manufactures and services custom heat treating equipment and

industrial furnaces to provide a variety of thermal and material processing solutions. We specialize in custom-engineered vacuum furnaces and atmosphere furnaces.


About - C.I. Hayes | Industrial Furnace Manufacturer - Since 1905, C.I. Hayes has been designing and manufacturing custom industrial

furnaces and heat treating equipment. By applying these 100+ years of experience and knowledge, we are able to develop innovative solutions to challenging heat treat applications and processes.


Metallurgical Processes - C.I. Hayes' line of custom industrial furnaces and heat treating equipment satisfies a variety of metallurgical



Products - C.I. Hayes | Industrial Furnaces & Heat Treat Equipment - Manufacturer C.I. Hayes manufactures custom

industrial furnaces and heat treat equipment to meet a wide range of thermal and material processing needs. From automotive to medical, electrical to aerospace, electronics to energy, we serve a vast array of markets. Our product line includes:


Vacuum Furnaces:

Continuous Modular Vacuum Furnace

Batch Oil Quench Vacuum Furnace

Tool Room / Small Batch Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Temper Furnace

Single Chamber Vacuum Furnace

Continuous Vacuum Carburizing Furnace

Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Modular Heat Treat Systems

Brazing Furnace


Atmosphere Furnaces:

Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace

Solitaire Conveyor Furnace

Low Dewpoint Humpback Furnace

High Temperature Pusher Furnace

Ceramic Firing Furnace

Bell / Retort Furnace

Tube Furnace


Auxiliary Equipment:

Atmosphere Generator - Exothermic and Endothermic

Ammonia Dissociator

Atmosphere Dryer

Air / Atmosphere Temper Oven


OEM Parts & Services - Customers rely on C.I. Hayes' professional field services and furnace replacement parts because we understand the

importance of responsiveness. From providing a simple answer to emergency equipment repairs, you can count on our full service approach to customer service. C.I. Hayes offers:


Industrial furnace replacement parts

Field Service - Heat treat equipment installation and startup, retrofits and rebuilds

Furnace rebuilds and safety upgrades

Alloy fabrication service


Resources - C.I. Hayes recognizes the importance of educating its customers. We do that by providing opportunities to learn about

the latest in technical content, industry trends and upcoming events, all relevant to your industrial furnace and heat treating equipment.


Contact - C.I. Hayes looks forward to answering your heat treat equipment and industrial furnace inquiries. We provide solutions to

challenging heat treat operations.


Sales Representatives - Locate a C.I. Hayes factory-authorized sales representative for your area.


Directions - C.I. Hayes is located at 33 Freeway Drive in Cranston, RI 02920.

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